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Are you looking for 4X4 Tyres for your vehicle?

Are you looking forward to replacing your SUV tyres?

Then, look no further than Bargain Tyres Bedford LTD.

We stock the best-selling 4x4 tyres Bedford from some of the leading manufacturers in the UK automobile market. The experts at our facility will assist you in choosing the right 4x4 tyres based on vehicle requirements and your driving habits.

What makes 4x4 tyres ideal for SUVs?

The unique construction of SUVs allows them to function optimally in off-road conditions. Consequently, these vehicles need special tyres to sustain their chassis weight and performance in all road conditions.

4x4 tyres are designed specifically for these vehicles. Let us take a look at the features that make them ideal for SUVs:

Rugged construction

4x4 tyres have a robust construction with extra layers of rubber reinforced on their sidewalls. This unique carcass material prevents the tyres from impact damage and offers uncompromised durability. Moreover, the sturdy build of these tyres enables them to sustain the heavy chassis weight of SUVs.

Aggressive tread pattern

4x4 variants feature an aggressive tread pattern and an increased tread depth. Due to these, the tyres facilitate uncompromised traction on rocky and muddy terrain. Furthermore, it offers brilliant short-braking performance in all road conditions.

Wider shoulder blocks

These tyres have high sipe density and much wider grooves. These innovative features allow 4x4 tyres to efficiently expel water, sludge and mud from the tyre surface and facilitate excellent aquaplaning resistance.

Types of 4x4 tyres we retail

We retail three types of 4x4 tyres Bedford, including:

  • H/T or highway terrain: Specially built to reduce the rolling resistance on city tracks.
  • M/T or mud terrain: Designed to offer smooth manoeuvring in muddy road conditions.
  • A/T or all-terrain: Manufactured to provide efficient performance in all road conditions.

Tyre brands we retail

We retail premium, mid-range and cheap tyres Bedford from reputed brands like:

  • Michelin
  • Pirelli
  • Continental
  • Nexen
  • Bridgestone
  • Toyo
  • Dunlop
  • Hankook
  • Churchill, etc.

Furthermore, the best part is that you can now buy 4x4 tyres Bedford from the comfort of your home. First, you will need to enter the vehicle registration number or tyre size details in the tyre finder tool. Then, select your desired models based on your budget and the car's requirement.

Hence, stop searching for ‘4x4 tyres near me’ and visit us today!

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