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Hankook Tyres

Established in 1941, Hankook is one of the largest tyre manufacturing companies worldwide. It has several manufacturing facilities across the globe and retails tyres and original equipment to various automakers.

Hankook is also known for producing budget-friendly tyres which come in all designs, features and increased durability.

Therefore, if you are a car owner looking for good quality, budget-friendly tyres, Hankook tyres Bedford would be ideal.

Our workshop, Bargain Tyres, retails Hankook tyres for all types of vehicle makes and models. In addition, we house these tyres in various categories and sizes.

Hankook tyres available with us

To cater to the different driving requirements of our customers, we sell Hankook tyres in almost all categories. Here are some of the top variants of Hankook tyres in our inventory:

Winter tyres

If you want optimal traction, control, safety and driving comfort on snowy roads, consider switching to the winter tyre variants of Hankook tyres. These tyres come with deeper treads, numerous sipes and an innovative tread structure that help to get a solid grip on snow and ice. Further, the wide shoulder grooves help in eliminating hydroplaning.

Example - i*cept evo3, Winter i*pike RS

Summer tyres

The summer tyres from Hankook feature a hard tread compound that minimises heat build-up and provides excellent durability and stability on wet road surfaces.

Example - Ventus S1 evo2 (K117) and Ventus Prime 3

All-season tyres

Hankook all-season tyres come specially designed to offer round-the-year performance, durability and stability. These tyres comprise a unique silica-infused moderate tread compound and intermediate tread depth that provides improved handling and driving comfort in both summer and winter.

Example - Kinergy 4S2 and Kinergy GT

You can even buy these Hankook tyres online from our website. Enter your vehicle registration number or tyre size details and select your preferred tyres.

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