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If you are a car owner in the UK, you should only use tyres with EU labels. The newly revised tyre labelling rules have been in effect since May 1st, 2021. So, if you are looking to opt for car tyres Bedford, you must be aware of all the new norms.

Bargain Tyres Bedford LTD has always prioritised clients' driving safety and comfort. So, here at our automotive centre, we have updated our inventory with EU labelled tyres.

Latest EU labelling rules

Fuel efficiency

We now measure tyre fuel efficiency on a scale of A to E. The tyre models rated A have a lower rolling resistance, so naturally, they improve your car's fuel economy. On the other hand, the models with an E rating have higher rolling resistance, increasing your car's fuel consumption level.

Wet-grip performance

Your car tyre's ability to offer optimal wet-grip performance is rated A to E. The tyre products rated A have the most efficient braking performance on the wet road surface, and tyres with E-rating have the least.

Noise emission

Now, a new ABC rating system determines the noise emission efficiency of your car tyres, where:

  • A signifies excellent noise efficiency.
  • B stands symbolic of the tyre models producing high external noise.
  • C-rated tyres are banned now.

There are also some other significant additions, such as:

  • Nordic winter tyres now have a stalagmite symbol on their labels.
  • The tyres designed to offer snow performance now have a 3PMSF symbol on their labels.
  • All the tyre products now have a unique QR code which you can scan to get detailed information about the models from the EU database EPREL.

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