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Pirelli Tyres

Do you want to upgrade your road game?

If you are, it is time that you switch to Pirelli tyres.

Pirelli is one of the premium tyre brands in the world. Tyres from Pirelli are used as OEM by various car manufacturers, such as:

  • Maserati
  • Aston Martin
  • Ferrari
  • Lamborghini
  • Bentley
  • Porsche and many more

Bargain Tyres is one of the workshops in Bedford that is fully authorised to retail Pirelli tyres Bedford in various categories and price ranges. Take a look!

Top-selling Pirelli tyres

Here, at Bargain Tyres, we retail different categories of Pirelli tyres, such as:

Winter tyres

This unit comes with a soft rubber compound enriched with silica that enhances traction and cornering precision on snow-covered roads. Furthermore, these tyres also have deeper treads and wider grooves with numerous sipes that provide brilliant aquaplaning resistance on snow and slush.


Summer tyres

These tyre products come developed with a hard rubber compound and unique shallow tread depth structure that offers brilliant traction and durability on heated summer roads.


All-season tyres

The all-season tyre products from Pirelli have an innovative moderate rubber compound and intermediate tread depth structure. This unique construction improves the tyre road contact area and provides an optimal car handling experience.


Further, you can also order these Pirelli car tyres from the convenience of your home. You can enter the tyre details or your vehicle registration number in the tyre finder tool on our website.

So, visit us to end your search for ‘Pirelli tyres near me’.

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